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STEPHEN FILIPOWICZ (Honours BA Dance, University of Waterloo). Stephen was first introduced to Pilates in the mid 70’s as part of his Dance training. He was drawn to it years later when he was was recovering from a knee and back injury and sought it as part of his rehabilitation. He is Certified through the PhysicalMind Institute and has been teaching Pilates since 1999. Stephen has used his extensive background in movement, exercise and Pilates to train elite athletes and professional dancers to enhance their performance. He is also experienced at working with the novice exerciser and finds that no matter what level of fitness a person is at they can benefit from this Method. He is a Certified Pilates Teacher Trainer for the PhysicalMind Institute Canada.


Christine Filipowicz is the Office Manager at KW Pilates.  She keeps the studio running smoothly as she answers your emails, responds to your calls and processes your payments.



Mary Lynne Bartlett is the Social Media Coordinator for KW Pilates. She has her Master of Arts in Tourism Policy & Planning from University of Waterloo. Mary Lynne creates engaging content for the University of Waterloo Library on social media. Mary Lynne brings the same expertise, creativity and quirkiness to the content for KW Pilates. We’re glad to have her on board.






Body Awareness, Alignment and Breath are the cornerstones of our work.  As we assist our clients to go deeper in these areas they begin to see improvements in their flexibility, movement efficiency, strength and overall well-being.  All of this helps them move well, and as Joseph Pilates says “naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing their many and daily tasks....”.

30 Minute at-home video:



 Pilates has benefited me both mentally and physically; I have been able to find balance within my body. 

- Marta K. 

 I sit at my desk all day, which causes me back pain.  Pilates strengthens my back and helps me stay mobile. 

- Josef F. 




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